Energy expended in honest effort is the surest way to success.”
Frank Calmeyn (co-founder)

Incorporated in 1918, John J. Moroney & Co. distributed brick and refractory products in Chicago and the surrounding region. Since that time our product line and sales region grew to reflect changes in the marketplace. Today we are also stocking distributors of mechanical insulation, HVAC, and firestopping materials. Even though our company has grown considerably since 1918 we still pride ourselves supplying the Midwest with the best brick and refractory products available.

We are committed to stocking the best refractory, mechanical insulation, HVAC, and firestopping materials available. Our sales staff and technicians actively engage themselves in the market to ensure that our inventory evolves alongside industry innovations. We strive to do what it takes to offer affordable, energy efficient, and reliable product solutions.

Our Products

We feature a complete line of refractory products that are installed in all types of production furnaces and boilers. We carry a complete line of insulating products and accessories. We have air duct made from fiberglass board that not only insulates the air (hot and cold) being transferred but also has excellent acoustic values. We also carry STI & Tremco fire barrier products.

Our People

As important as the products we sell are the people who sell them, and the services that they provide. We send our sales team to professional seminars and manufactured sponsored courses to give them the technical expertise to offer our customers innovative, efficient solutions.

Our Partners

Longstanding relationships with the best manufacturers in the refractory, mechanical insulation, HVAC, and firestopping industries enable us to offer the latest, most efficient products at competitive prices. We offer our customers expert product customization capabilities.

Our Promise

We promise to offer more than raw materials. Every product we sell comes with our comprehensive customer service which includes managed inventories, technical support, product customization, and installation assistance.

We are proud of our history, but pride doesn't match our appreciation for the solid business relationships shared over almost 100 years. Our commitment to our customers is stronger than ever. We look forward to working together for years to come.